With my newborn photography sessions, I strive to provide all clients with mementos that will last a lifetime. All newborn sessions are done in the client’s home to ensure your baby is in a familiar, comfortable environment. A typical newborn shoot takes around two hours to shoot and sometimes longer, depending on how easy it is to lull your baby to sleep so we can start taking photos! When I arrive, I will immediately set up a miniature set on a bean bag chair, swapping out blankets and “backgrounds” as needed. To help your baby nap, I might use a sound machine or gently rock them on the bean bag chair. Once asleep, the fun part starts -- I’ll position your baby in a variety of poses and take the photos. Your job is to sit back and relax!


If possible, please try to feed your baby about an hour before the shoot is scheduled and limit morning napping as best as you can. (I understand this isn’t always possible, but our aim is to have a fed, sleepy baby with an empty bladder during the shoot.) You may need to tap the thermostat up higher than usual on the morning of the shoot to ensure your baby is plenty warm while taking photos. If you have cloth diapers, have your baby dressed only in the cloth diaper and swaddled before I arrive or swaddled nude.


I will supply all of the props and equipment, but you are certainly welcome to request I use items special to you during the shoot. These might include a certain blanket, sports paraphernalia for your favorite team, or a particular hat. We’ll do the shoot in whatever room in the house has the best natural window light, so please make sure that this room is free of clutter and adequately warm. I always suggest that the parents be photo-ready before the shoot, even if you don’t think it’s important to you to have photos with your child. It can’t hurt to take a couple and, from my experience, most parents feel glad they got these shots.


New moms -- during the shoot, please refrain from handling your little one, because your baby will smell you and instantly want to be fed. This can sometimes make a newborn shoot stressful to the mom, but believe me, things go much more quickly if we don’t have to interrupt the shoot with feeding and starting the bathroom process all over again. If you must have a parent soothe the baby, I greatly prefer the dad handle them, but understand that it is normal that newborns get a little fussy when having their pictures taken!

If you have additional questions about your shoot and how to prepare, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. I have a great deal of experience with this! And remember, newborn shoots are easiest to do in the first 1-2 weeks after your baby has been born. Please schedule accordingly.


As noted on my pricing page, newborn sessions are $400 for sittings only and $500 if you want me to include the disc of high-resolution photos from your shoot. The session fee is due at the time of your shoot, but prints or the high-resolution disc may be purchased any time within a year of your session. (After one year, I cannot guarantee that I will still have your session on file).