Interior shoots are vastly different from portrait sessions or event shoots. Unlike a wedding or portrait session where I shoot mainly with a single lens and hand-held equipment, an interior session requires a variety of lenses, a tripod, and sometimes lighting equipment. Editing photos from an interior shoot takes about ten times as long as it takes to edit any other shoot I do. For that reason, I charge for interior sessions on an hourly basis (hourly for the shoot only -- all editing is included).


I book interior shoots for real estate professionals and homeowners looking to have their residence photographed, for interior design firms, and for corporate and hospitality businesses who would like interior shots of their property. When contacting me about your interior shoot, please provide as much information about the property as possible, such as square footage, number of rooms or keys, important public spaces, etc.


Please note that every individual shot in an interior shoot takes a minimum of 5 minutes, because I locate the shot, fix any distracting elements within the frame, adjust the camera on the tipod, and take multiple exposures to create the visual that will eventually become the final product. Therefore, if you only allot an hour for me to do the shoot, I will likely only be able to get shots of a couple of different spaces and you will not have much variety to choose from. A large hotel -- in which I photograph all public areas, guestroom varieties, and suites -- takes a full two days to shoot. For residences, I recommend booking at least a 2-hour session, and for corporate offices, I recommend at least 3 hours. If you book what I determine to be an inadequate amount of time for a given shoot, I will ask that you provide me with a list of spaces you would like photographed in order of priority. I will do my best to accommodate you!


Prior to your session, please make sure that the space you want photographed is clean and free of clutter. It will eat up your time if I have to do housekeeping before a residential shoot! In corporate and hospitality environments, it is to be expected that I spend some time hiding phone wires or lining up conference table chairs, etc, but I will be able to get more shots if you make sure the space is ready to be photographed prior to my arrival.


As noted on my pricing page, I charge $100/hr for residential interiors and $200/hr for corporate and hospitality interiors. You will determine the amount of time you'd like for me to spend on the shoot. However, if you have no idea and would like my guidance on timing for a particular location, I am happy to advise based on the size and scope of the space you want photographed. All interior shoots include the session, editing, and a disc of high-resolution photos for your personal use.