Pricing for each kind of shoot is available for the sitting fee alone and for the sitting fee with the inclusion of a disc of the best high-resolution photos from your shoot. If you choose the sitting fee only with a selection of prints, your proofs will be displayed in an online gallery such that you may choose your favorites for purchase. If you choose to purchase the sitting with the hi-res files, you will simply be given a disc of the best, fully edited and retouched photos within four weeks of your shoot. You may use these photos as you see fit. As a courtesy, I ask that you please credit my work back to my website if you post my photos to social media. Nearly all of my clients are referral-based, so this truly helps me sustain my business!



$300  (sitting only)  $400 (sitting + hi res files)

Standard portraits include bridals, boudoir, or maternity. These sessions take 1 hour to shoot, and may be done at your own home or on location. 



$400  (sitting only)  $500 (sitting + hi res files)

Active portraits include engagements, fashion shoots, senior portraits, or anything involving multiple locations and/or outfit changes. These sessions take 2 hours to shoot, and may be done at your own home or at a variety of locations (within reason) of your choosing. 



$500  (sitting only)  $600  (sitting + hi res files)

Newborn sessions typically take about two hours, but I do not place a time limit on these sessions. To read about how I conduct newborn sessions, please read my newborn guide.



Packages start at $2500. Base packages include 7 hours of coverage and a disc of hi res files. All weddings are shot with two photographers (me, the primary photographer, and a second shooter to provide additional coverage). Please email me at for additional information on pricing and packages.



Residential Interiors: $100/hr

Corporate & Hospitality Interiors: $200/hr 

Please read my interior guide for more information regarding my interior work.



$100 (sitting + hi res files)

Mini sessions are defined as shoots that take under 1 hour, such as holiday card shoots or puppy portraits. All mini-sessions include a disc of hi-res files but yield less images by design than a full shoot.



You can, of course, purchase prints through me if you'd like. Or an album. Or cards. Or even a blanket with a photo of your faces on it. The world is your oyster! But I do not require that you purchase prints through me -- that's the advantage of getting the disc of hi-res photos. Below is my print pricing list for reference. I use a high-quality printing line called Miller Professional Imaging, so it is certainly the best option if you want high-grade prints with no color discrepancy. They won't look like they were printed at Walgreens, if you get my drift, and there is an exhaustive variety of finishes and products to choose from that I don't necessarily list on my pricing sheet, so if you want something very specific, just ask. 


Prints: (Pricing is per print)

4×6 . . . $4

5×5 . . . $5

5×7 . . . $8

5x10 or 6x9 . . . $10

8×10 . . . $12

8x12 or 10x10 . . . $15

11×14 . . . $20

16×20 . . . $30

16x24 . . . $35

20×30 . . . $50

24X30 . . . $55


Wrapped Canvases:

8×10 . . . $120

8x12 or 10x10 . . . $150

11x14 . . . $200

16x20 . . . $275

16x24 . . . $300

20×30 . . . $375

24×30 . . . $400

30×30 . . . $475


- Turn-around for prints, canvases, and wall art is typically under 5 days and around 2 weeks for albums.